My name is Eric Marshall. I own a screen printing and embroidery company, Guerrilla Tees in Victor NY. 


This site is kinda just my hobby. I started making t shirts 20 years ago and some how I am still doing it today. I also love to golf. I mean I am pretty obsessed. So I guess it was only natural that I start making some golf gear. 


30% of any sale from this site goes directly to youth and junior golf programs. (50% from the GOAT gear )


We are looking for underfunded programs to support. 

If anyone  plays for, played on, or coaches a team that could use something as simple as a new set of hats please let me know. We are looking to start a youth golf initiative where we support underfunded programs directly with apparel donations. I like to think that  if you look good, you feel good, your going to play good, right?  I figure if we can boost just ones kids confidence even a little bit on that first tee we did something right. I am from a very small town and our program didnt have squat for a budget so something like this would have been a great little confidence boost.